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Why choose our services?

AM Audit has made a reputed name for its business consulting, accounting and auditing, business formation and all other legal services in the context of running and closing a business. We have been always preferred and sought-after by our clients due to the following unique traits of our services;

  • Immense experience in the field of various business legal processes in UAE
  • A team of highly experienced, trained and qualified business, and legal professionals
  • We bring a plethora of tailor-made and bespoke services as per clients’ needs
  • AM Audit is committed to offer top-notch services for all our clients
  • We have a strong and amicable customer support to offer extensive service support

By combining all of these elements with great value, we constantly support our clients in all their bankruptcy service requirements on time.

فريق الخبراء

  • علي شمص

  • مدير التدقيق
  • عادل فرج

  • مدير الضرائب
  • فرح

  • مساعدة محاسبة والضرائب
  • سوهيب بشارات

  • مدقق مالي ومدير الضرائب
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