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How to Choose the Right Auditor for your Company ? 4 Things to Consider before Choosing

Tanvi Fal Dessai

An audit is like yearly health check-ups. You presumably don’t look forward to getting one, but they are very crucial for you (and your company) to operate accordingly in the long run. Before choosing a doctor for you or an auditor for your company, you must build your grounds to find the correct blend of capabilities, experience, compatibility, and various other traits. Your company has prime importance for you, so how could you afford to go your financials overlooked. Let us look at how to go about finding a perfect match for an auditor to your company.

Seek for a qualified firm– Before choosing any auditor, you need to make sure that the auditors and the firm is qualified to handle your company’s financial reports. Qualified means the firm and the person both should have approved and authorized status, years of experience, and affiliated with the local bodies. Your first lead review should be that the accomplice meets the conditions that an auditor should require.

Meet in person– Always have a personal meet with the auditors who will work with your company. In-person meeting would make grounds of common understanding, ease in communication and helps you to communicate effectively with more sittings. This will ensure the compatibility and cultural fit of the firm with you and your company.

One Stop Solution-It is always recommended to hire an accounting & auditing firm which offers a bigger portfolio of services such as Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Legal, IT, Forensic, Automation and Consultancy when it comes to dealing with your confidential financial information’s because they can provide you with all the necessary services like a one stop shop and provides high-quality and reliable solutions. It’s save your time, energy and boost efficiency as your team learned from the experts.

Reputation and Clients review– Market reputation, Institutions with which the company is affiliated, testimonials of the clients are some of the sources which will bring you the credibility and quality of the work done by the company and above all help you to reference check in the case requires.

That’s why we recommend AM Audit as your Auditor and Accountant:

Being a registered Auditing and Accounting firm (Auditor Reg. No.942) AM Audit is also an approved Tax Agents (TAN: 30000301) by the Federal Tax Authority of UAE. AM Auditing gives you a one-stop solution for your business by providing you with Auditing, Accounting, bookkeeping, VAT services, and business consultancy services, owned and run by an Emirati CPA. We further boast a diverse cultured staff carrying over 20 years of experience in Accounting and Auditing.

Affiliated with the Dubai Airport Free Zone, UAE Internal Auditors Association, Dubai International Arbitration Centre, Accountants, and Auditors Association, several Free Zone and banks we have catered to clients from the different sector such as health care, education, general trading, oil field equipment trading, retail, foodstuff and catering, and consultancy services.

Remember, just as getting an annual check-up keeps you healthy to enjoy life, an audit keeps your company’s records clean, healthy, and legitimate. Whether a doctor or an audit firm, you need an ally in finding out the errors and rectifying them. The task of finding the right auditor might seem stressful, but the more time you invest in finding the right Auditing firm will lead you to a better relationship and audit results.

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