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Refund of VAT Paid on Goods & Services in Expo 2020

The refund of the VAT can be claimed for the following categories of goods and services:

I. Directly connected with the construction, installation, alteration, decoration, and dismantlement of their exhibition space

II. Directly connected with the operation of their exhibition space and any presentation within the Expo 2020 site

III. Related to the actual operation of the office of the Official participant, provided that the value of each good/ service for which a claim is made is not less than AED 200

IV. For the personal use of the Official participant’s Section Commissioner-General, Section Staff, and the Beneficiaries

After the applicant has successfully applied for the reclamation of the refund of the VAT, the Bureau Expo 2020 Dubai performs the initial check on the refund claims received from the Office of the Official Participants in accordance with the forms prepared by the Authority. Where the refund claim is correct, the Bureau Expo 2020 Dubai makes a request to the Authority to refund the amount.

Once the Bureau Expo 2020 Dubai and the Authority agree on the procedural, evidential, and verification requirements that are needed to be met by the office of the Official Participants or any other person who is eligible for the refund of the claim.

The certificate of entitlement for the claim should be granted to only the Official Participants who are under the first two categories [ i.e. (I.) and (II.)],

Note: An Official Participant (both registered and not registered for VAT) needs to apply for the Certificate before attempting to claim VAT on goods and services under categories (I.) and (II.) above.

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