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Internal Audit

Every business needs to ensure that all of their business operations are able to achieve its respective objectives with efficiency. Without a proper, effective mechanism to ensure this, a business can surely land in jeopardy. In a nutshell, internal auditing is a series of assessment carried out created to examine the conduct of a business with the outlook to improve its holistic performance..

External audit

An examination of a business’s activities and transactions conducted by an auditor or an auditing team who is not appointed by the company is what is referred to as external auditing services. It is an effective means for both the company and the government to have better understanding of the stature of the business and its operational efficiency...

Compliance Audit

When incorporating a business and then running the business later, every business has to follow a set of statutory regulations established by various governmental departments. Complying with them is increasingly important for a business since non-compliance can attract a bevy of legal consequences..

Information System Audit

Information technology has forever changed the way companies perform their business activities and operations. As such, businesses across the world have been using intricate, extensive information systems to run their businesses better and more effectively. However, it is really important that a business must conduct information system audit.

VAT Audit

In order to ensure that a business complies with the legal requirements of VAT in UAE, all businesses must conduct VAT audit. Since it will help the business understand whether business is ready to adhere to all the VAT provisions and requirements, it needs to be done with great care and efficiency. Since VAT audit can help the business understand 

Statutory Audit

A legal procedure, statutory audit helps ascertain and understand the correctness of the financial records and statements of an organization. Since all government departments and organizations need to report their performance, it is mandatory that they must conduct statutory audit from time to time. Often, statutory audit is conducted for the public...

Due Diligence Report

Due diligence auditing is carried to appraise the financial performance of a business via a series of assessments. Since the auditing can provide deeper insights into the earning capabilities of another business, the competency of its management, its potential customers, and its suppliers, a clear picture of the overall financial stature of the company can be had by a client.

Financial Accounting Services

No matter how big or small your company is, preparing financial statement to ascertain the performance and financial stature of a company is extremely important for a range of reasons. Since most companies often need investments for business expansion purposes, they use various financial statements to display their business performance to creditors, shareholders, investors, suppliers and..

Cost Accounting Services

Every business wants to reduce the cost of providing services and making products to the customers. Cost reduction is also one of the best ways to improve the profit of the organization without increasing the price of a product or a service. As such, it is really important for a business to have a comprehensive picture of all the costs involved in running its operations—a business does this through cost accounting.

Management Accounting Services

All businesses are run by a slew of financial and management decision. Since finance is the most important aspect of all business decisions, they need to get comprehensive insights and information onto their financial details so that they can make prudent, intelligent decision to run the business better. Such decisions...

VAT Accounting Services

There are diverse types of Value Added Tax that a business needs to take care of while conducting their business. No matter if you sell services or products, you need to ensure that the both input and output VAT is timely registered and files. Failing to comply with a variety of VAT provisions can attract legal consequences and penalties from government bodies against you. As such, it is really...

Fund Accounting Services

If you are an entity that uses funds assigned to you by a donor, agency or a higher authority, it is important that you carry out timely accounting to ensure that you have comprehensive recording of all the funds that you have received and utilized. Since financial statements are the most reliable and conclusive evident of your spending...

Forensic Accounting Services

Every business relies on accounting details to make decisions, budgeting and to drive business expansion strategies. However, whenever a company faces any accounting challenges that cannot be ascertained through regular accounting activities, it needs forensic accounting. It is a collection of various scientific investigating methods and accounting practices to carry out extensive and deeper accounting appraisal to understand

Accounting Software

If you are an entity that uses funds assigned to you by a donor, agency or a higher authority, it is important that you carry out timely accounting to ensure that you have comprehensive recording of all the funds that you have received and utilized. Since financial statements are the most reliable and conclusive evident of your 

VAT Registration & Deregistration

VAT or Value Added Tax is an indirect taxation system that has been adopted by more than 160 countries around the world. In 2018 January, UAE has decided to implement the same in the country with the base rate 5% tax. This has required all the businesses coming under the taxation purview to adhere to the guidelines and mandates of the tax system. The VAT Lax required...

VAT Implementation & Compliance

After VAT was decided to be implemented from January 2018 in the UAE with the rate of 5.00%, businesses are mandated to follow the new tax system and comply with the same unfailingly. This has ensured that all businesses my implement VAT in their business operations and stay compliant to the tax regime as demanded by the VAT Law...

VAT Return Filling

As a business when you are paid tax to the VAT authority, every quarter you need to file VAT returns to the authority explaining to them how much tax they must refund the business. This become really important for a business since failing to comply with VAT regulations can result in revenue loss and stringent legal penalties. In addition, if you are a business...

VAT Advisory

VAT or Value Added Tax has become one of the most common tax system accepted by almost all countries across the world. If you are a business that looks for professional support and advice in a range of aspects of VAT in UAE, then AM Audit is one of the best places that you can get all the help you need. Ever since the government of UAE has accepted...

VAT Training

Since VAT has become the most tax system in UAE from January 2018, it is imperative that a business understands everything about VAT and the importance of being compliant with a variety of its requirements. However, that’s not an easy thing to do since VAT is extremely extensive and often confusing...

VAT Documentation.

Carrying out VAT documentation is no doubt an extensive and highly tiresome job to carry out. With bigger and more extensive business transactions, more complex VAT documentations come. And most businesses may not have the full expertise and understanding to take care of all the VAT documentation processes. That’s the reason you need expertise hands on the deck to 

VAT Tax Agent

As the AM Audit provide VAT Agent services for the whole of UAE, we can be your VAT Agents. Considering the VAT in UAE, it is very difficult for the companies to look after the issues related to VAT or other tax dealing with FTA.

AM Audit take the full responsibility to cover the elements and areas of VAT to unload your burden. We will be your VAT Agent to represent your company on behalf of you to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). It will be essential for the businesses to hire a tax agent to deal with VAT in UAE and other tax matters.

Approved FTA Tax Agent in UAE

Tax agent in UAE will assist you in many situations, such as:

·        FTA included some documents that must be in Arabic, accompanied by a standardized format. And, if your business doesn’t have documents in Arabic, we’re going to take care of it as a tax agent.

·        The name of AM Audit is included in the UAE Tax Agents Register, we are completely informed and aware of all the latest rules and regulations on tax legislation and changes in the law. The liability for complying with the current rules of the tax law should also be removed.

·        Tax Agent will help you find the best and effective approaches for your company that will result in easier and longer-term tax planning.

·      The tax agent may represent a taxable company or an individual to represent it before government agencies such as the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), and the expertise and relation of the tax agent in the UAE would be very relevant and crucial.

AM Audit as a Registered Tax Agent in UAE

After AM Audit has been appointed as your tax agent, it will be our duty to represent your business in FTA by providing them with all the appropriate and relevant documents, information, records, and data. We will serve as a tax agent on behalf of your company concerning all your tax issues and matters.

The overview of the main activities which we will perform to cover all the aspects of VAT in UAE will be:

·         VAT Registration

·         VAT Return Filings (Monthly & Quarterly basis)

·         VAT Refunds and claims

·         VAT Deregistration

·         VAT Voluntary Disclosure

·         VAT Reconsideration forms

·         VAT Health Check

·         VAT Audit

AM Audit offers the highest quality and timely service tax agents in Dubai. VAT is around the corner in the UAE and businesses need to be licensed. AM Audit is here to support you in any situation by taking the responsibility of being your tax agent and asking you to leave all your questions about UAE VAT to us.


Business Consulting Services

Starting a business and running the same in Dubai are not an easy task. If you ask some of the businesses operating in Dubai, you will get the best answer for it. But they would also tell you that if you have someone with right business experience and acumen to guide you, it will be easier for you find you rhythm and place in Dubai..

LLC Business Formation

Are you trying to form an LLC business in Dubai? Let us help you with all your registration and legal certification requirements. Since Dubai is one of the most preferred and sought-after markets in the world by businesses to start their operations, there are numerous companies that try to register their businesses every other day..

Mainland Business Formation

As a client-centric and expert business consultant in Dubai, AM Audit can provide all the required professional help that you need with your mainland business formation in Dubai. Since mainland companies are considered by the government to be the most developed and priced business entities in UAE, it brings a plethora of benefits to the company..

MNC Branch Registration

If you are a multi-national company vying to start their operation in Dubai by registering a branch in Dubai, you require the support of an experienced business consultant who can walk you through all the processes required for the registration...

Offshore Business Formation

Are you trying to establish an offshore business in Dubai to expand your business operations and serve your clients better? You can take your business to the next level in Dubai. However, the formation of offshore business in Dubai requires the client to take care of numerous business and legal compliances from the government of UAE to create a favorable.

Public Relations Officer Services

Managing the reputation by timely communicating with the public is an integral part of any business and without effective PRO services no business can create the kind of good-will and reputation it aims for. In addition, the PRO must also be in constantly communication with various government organizations and departments to ensure clearances of various papers..

Startup Plans in Dubai

If you have a business idea that you want to start your Start-up with, we can help you see it bear fruit. With more support and business-friendly nature, UAE has become one of the most preferred places by entrepreneurs to come and start their start-ups. However, it takes a lot of processes and legal permission..

UAE Freezone Business Set-up

One of the major reasons for many businesses trying to stay away from starting their company in UAE is due to the legal requirement that says the need of a local national sponsorship. However, in order to attract such businesses, the UAE government has brought in a new business registration option with UAE freezone..

UAE National Local Sponsor

If you are a person trying to incept a business in Dubai, UAE, you need a local sponsor who can support you in your company’s inception. Since it is a mandatory requirement the government of UAE, you must have an eligible person who can act as your local sponsor. Since the person will be an integral part of the inception.

Payroll Process & Management

Designed to evolve with the needs of a business, Our payroll services help you save time and money and streamline payroll processes to attain greater payroll accuracy across the board. We have been providing payroll services to numerous countries over the decades and our client base includes some of the leading multinational companies.