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Accounting Backlog Compilation

As per the Commercial Company Law regulations in the U.A.E., it is mandatory to maintain proper books of account. It would be best to get your Accounting Backlogs Compiled if your company might not have maintained appropriate Books of Accounts and reports in the year the business transaction happened. Hence, it is crucial to understand the necessity of maintaining proper books of accounts and avoid your burden of looking for an accounting firm to do so.

Reports generated from your Accounting backlog compilation includes:

  1. Balance sheet (statement of financial position).
  2. Profit and loss account (statement of comprehensive income).
  3. Cash flow statements.
  4. Receivables aging list.
  5. Payables aging list.
  6. Comparative report on sales performance.
  7. Comparative report on expenses.
  8. Financial ratio analysis.
  9. Working capital analysis.
  10. The breakeven points analysis/margin of safety etc.

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