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Business Valuation

The business valuation process involves determining the company’s current worth. There are many techniques to determine the value. For valuation to be truly beneficial and useful, it must reflect and comply with the latest accounting, regulatory, and tax codes.

A business valuation requires high-quality financial analysis by professionals with appropriate credentials. it is always advisable to do business valuation from an expert. Over a decade of experience, we have helped our clients develop business models in evaluating potential impacts and returns across a range of business and market scenarios.

How to value a company or business?

  • Asset-Based Method
  • Income-Based Method
  • Market-Based Method
  • Other Method

To know more about these methods, contact us!


How AM Audit Can Help?

Our professional experts have experience and knowledge in delivering business valuations that are all based on professional standards. Regardless of what your specific situation is, you will receive not just reliable reports, but also the expertise of dedicated solution providers.




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