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What Are the Seven Parts of An Audit Report?

The concept of auditing has become a crucial aspect of modern business practices. With the increasing statistics of financial fraud, about 49% currently. Auditing helps determine how accurate a business’s financial reports are and points out loopholes in a financial statement.

Essentially, auditing provides a ‘truth-test’ analysis of a company’s financial reports. Auditing is an essential aspect of the business process that mainly external entities could carry out.

Auditors publish audit reports alongside a company’s financial statement, and the aim is to depict reliability and credibility. Furthermore, auditing helps discover financial defects, warns against fraudulent practices, and provides a curve for making growth-oriented decisions.

What Is The Content Of An Audit Report?

The contents of an audit report are the precepts that an auditing report must follow with all accuracy and fairness. Additionally, these precepts need to be clear, concise and provide an infallible justification of an audit’s findings.

An audit report content includes;

  1. Title
  2. Address
  3. Responsibility of the Auditor and the Management of the Company
  4. The Scope of the Audit
  5. The opinion of the Audit
  6. Basis of Opinion
  7. Signature of Auditor
  8. Place of Signature
  9. Date of the Audit Report
  10. Date of Signature

Types Of Audit Report

Unqualified Opinion or Clean Opinion

An unqualified or a ‘clean opinion’ is an audit report issued to ascertain that a company’s financial statements are per the account standards. Additionally, it shows that the company’s financial information and activities are clear of misinterpretations or errors.

Qualified Opinion

Contrary to an unqualified report, an auditor renders a qualified report in necessary circumstances. These circumstances are where the company officials did not keep financial statements per the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Adverse Opinion

An adverse opinion indicates gross misinterpretation that does not conform to the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Nevertheless, there is a possibility that there is fraud. However, this could be just errors in the financial reports.

Disclaimer of Opinion

In some instances, an audit fails to provide an infallible and accurate report of the company’s financial practices. This could be due to the unavailability of specific financial statements. Be that as it may, a disclaimer of opinion is issued.

The Seven Parts Of An Audit Report

1.    Title

The title of an audit report imbibes the essential components of the report, and It involves the entities, Board of directors, and stakeholders. These top-level company officials contract the services of an auditor.

2.    Paragraph Introduction

This part indicates the audit process of the company stated above. It shows the reports and where the auditor will make references. This part also says that it is solely the company’s responsibility to ensure that the financial statements meet accepted principles.

3.    Scope Paragraph

This shows that the audit provides an accurate report with strict adherence to the rules and methods of accepted standards.

4.    Executive Summary

The executive summary puts forth the findings of the audit process. It highlights the observation of the auditing process.

5.    Opinion Paragraph

Stating its perimeter for assessment, the auditor provides an opinion on a fair evaluation of the reports tendered.

6.    Auditor’s Name

The auditor’s name shows the person who conducted the audit.

7.    Signature Of Auditor

Finally, an audit report includes the signature of an auditor. This clarifies that the auditor understands that they are responsible and accountable for the audit results issued.

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