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Which accounting software is best in UAE?

Tanvi Fal Dessai


As the saying goes, “you ask the wrong question – You get a wrong answer. And that certainly implies in everything we say or everything we want to know. So, are you sure you are asking the right question when you tell which is the right or the best accounting software for your business? We need to understand that there is indeed no best or worst or even an average. The core of the problem is that we are trying to find a software that they (the market) assume is the best or the one that has been more likely to be used in the market. But perhaps we need to find out which accounting software suits your company’s requirements at its best.

So, how to go about finding the right accounting software for your business?

Your search should begin by examining the software features you need for your company because this software has multiples features, and choosing the one you need might seem an overwhelming task.

So, in evaluating a package, the following are the question you must ask yourself before choosing accounting software.

  1. Can the software be customized?
  2. Is the software provider reliable and can provide the technical resources for my organization?
  3. Does the financial reporting which the product offers, match my requirements?
  4. Will the technology meet my current as well as future needs?
  5. Does the software provide web integration? Since e-commerce has become so crucial?
  6. Can the software deal with foreign currency?
  7. How much does it cost?

The article aims at providing direction for identifying software that meets your requirements.  

We have seen significant transformations in accountancy in recent years. And introducing the accounting software into the profession was one of the most remarkable changes.

The world today has become techno-savvy, with data processing, accountants are more responsive to their customers. Embracing digital technology fully, we can access the day’s financial accounts, digitally, from just about anywhere.

To get real-time reporting and all your transactions, customized treatments, and fast service, accounting software is the solution.

It does not only provide you with fast but also error-free services.

Regardless of the nature and size of your business, digitalization in accounting, with its growing advancement of cloud computing, cost-effectively runs your business. You can also acquire the benefits of lowered costs of production, marketing, and distribution.

Get the tips to find the software; best for your enterprise.

Considering your skills and your accounting needs.

The first bet for finding the accurate software for you is to look at how your business operates. Depending on your business turnover, you need to take careful stock of the different types of software on the market.

Our market has a variety of software products designed for small-and-medium to large size businesses. So, now the call is yours. Depending on the niche of your company, you might want to consider customized software for you. But doing thorough research is also essential since the application you choose will directly impact how you want to manage your revenue. 

Another vital factor to keep in mind before going for the software perfect for your business is that, though the software makes your bookkeeping task more accessible, managing the software still requires a certain amount of financial literacy. The one using the software must know what to do with the tool.

Set your budget

As I said earlier, there is accounting software available in the market that will suit your budget. A general application could be bought off a shelf at a lower price. If you are looking for software that should match your business accurately, you need to have a specialized one. However, the more you customize your software, the more expensive it gets. If you want something specialized for your sector, you should be able to pay a premium.

What are the add-on features?

Having add-on features in your software is a great thing, but you need to note the add-ons your choice of software provides you with. Your software may bring extra functionalities like allowing the software to access remotely, accepting the payments online, or even integrating your accounting software with your e-commerce software. The additional features make your software more compatible with your business.

Take expert advice

In the end, it is your accountant who will be using the software for your business. So, she/he may prefer software which she/he has her/his hands on. Every business is different. Your accountant is the best position you could take an opinion from before finalizing the software. 

It would be best if you remember that whatever accounting software you choose, your decision should be after a lot of brainstorming. You don’t want to make a commitment to one application and start investing your time and money into it only to switch to another one after a few months later. 

Choosing software for your business needs a functional analysis; this will address both managerial and financial needs. Take your time with these essential steps. You might experience growth that may lead you to upgrade your software, but proper planning at the very initial stage can help you avoid having to change software too soon.

Get some help before you buy anything

Talk to our Consultants today and get the best advice before going for the software for your business.

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